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Audience Analytics 

Business owners who invest in marketing to drive traffic to their websites and directory pages must inspect traffic sources and engagement to optimize marketing outcomes: sales, appointments, or store visits

What Should I Be Tracking?

Many of the common marketing metrics used on agency reports have very little value to business owners. Terms like “bounce rate” or “time on site” provide weak insights into the quality of traffic that is being generated from marketing campaigns. 

By installing Google Analytics and by using Facebook Analytics, consumer engagement, conversions, and store visits can be more readily measured.  For companies that do not sell products online but rely on office or store visits, having analytics platforms installed is even more important to improve Return on Ad Spend (ROAS). 

We believe that clients that are using our paid advertising service deserve full transparency on ad spend and traffic quality measurement. That is why we connect Google Ads and properly tag Facebook campaigns to be clearly measured in Google Analytics. 

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