Every business has unique needs but industry groups share some common strategies. Take a minute to review some observations we have for a few selected industries that have great growth potential.


Legal professionals are paying high keyword click costs when they run Google SEM campaigns. Localiente develops strategies that can expand reach and influence at a low cost per acquisition. Invest in a multi-channel marketing strategy to increase new business appointments.


Local doctors and medical facilities often rely on “word of mouth” marketing to build their business. That is not a modern strategy to build revenue or local brand online. There are ample opportunities for medical professionals to grow their local practice at a very reasonable cost.

Wine & Spirits

Wineries and local specialty spirits producers make higher profit margins when they sell direct to consumers. Some of the top travel destinations in the world include vineyards and distilleries. Local search strategies can help new labels and established brands grow their sales.

Food & Beverage

Running a local restaurant or bar can be very challenging. Smaller profit margins can limit the advertising investments these business owners can make. Knowing this, we have entry level packages that all owners can afford, especially those who are new and need patrons.


Churches and ministries that rely on local members to support their work need to advertise. Word of mouth advertising (inviting friends) still works but social media can expand reach especially for organizations that have community outreach events.


Owners of boutique retail stores are challenged with lower profit margins which can limit advertising investments. Our hyper-local advertising packages can accelerate local awareness affordably. We can grow with you as the business grows in a true partnership of success.

Health & Fitness

Consumers are spending a significant part of their discretionary income on health and fitness. The competition in this industry is fierce but good operators have the margins to advertise and build a strong local brand that fosters loyalty. Let’s build a winning strategy together!

Finance / Insurance

Local competition for wealth management, insurance, banking, and brokerage services in intense but few companies have understood the power of online marketing. This industry invests considerable money in print media yet have a weak online presence.

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