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Faith based organizations have relied on “Word of Mouth” and direct marketing for years. Today, progressive organizations are embracing the power and influence of social media to grow support and membership.

Social Media Unlocks Doors

Is attendance is up or down at your place of worship? Are supporters of your ministry growing at the rate you need to grow and innovate? In the past, direct mail and word of mouth marketing have been the main strategies for fundraising and outreach. Today, Instagram, Twitter, live streaming video on Facebook, and YouTube represent and amazing opportunity to grow your organization’s local and national reach.

In the example below, Gateway Church’s Youtube channel demonstrates that churches can increase their reach by offering sermons online.  Hectic schedules can often take the most faithful member of a church out of attendance for a weekend service. Faith based ministries must create an omni-channel approach to sharing their message and the numbers below support that investment.

Social Campaigns Work

A comprehensive social media marketing campaign should include existing members of the church or organization as well as reaching new audiences. Custom Facebook audiences can be created to match member email address and phone numbers to social media profiles. This allows organization to work on retention as well as membership growth. 

Facebook and Instagram campaigns work best when high quality graphics and videos are created to promote sermons, events, and outreach.  Vive Church has an active music ministry (Vive Worship) and their tour schedule and promotions include great imagery that catches the eye of consumers. 

Promoting Activities

Facebook is a great platform to promote specific events. This ad format also allows local residents to confirm their attendance which is very important when free events are organization.

Let People Experience Your Culture

Your members and local residents can’t attend every event or service. Investments in technology to livestream worship services and events can be parlayed into reaching more people; local and globally.  The Vive Church media teams work hand-in-hand to produce banners, videos, and marketing materials to promote activities in advance. When faith based organizations have this level of organization and resources, social media advertising becomes amazingly effective. 

Organizations that are creative and innovative but lack the expert knowledge how to expand their reach through online marketing can lean on the team at Localiente for effective marketing strategies that are measurable.


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