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Business owners who have internal marketing teams need to invest in their continuing education. 

Change is Constant

The hardest thing about writing books on digital marketing is that they become outdated with 6-12 months.  Google and Facebook for example, are constantly changing or upgrading features that can enhance marketing performance. How does a company stay connected with all these changes? Localiente trainers can help.

We work in many industries, which is one of our strengths. Our marketing teams are more aware of changes that impact advertising campaigns and strategy. In fact, when Google started to upgrade the capabilities of Google My Business (GMB), Brian Pasch published a book to provide a guide for the automotive industry. Hyper-Local Marketing for Automotive Retail has been updated every month since it was published to keep it relevant!

Localiente can design custom workshops and training programs for businesses that want their managers updated on marketing possibilities. Workshops can also be created for hands on training of tactical marketing professionals.  Contact us to discuss your specific training needs. 

 This is a photo taken from a Google Analytics Workshop given by Brian Pasch, Founder 

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