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Once Hyper-Local marketing investments are complete, business owners can generate additional traffic and visibility for their products and service via the Google advertising network: search, display, and YouTube video.

Should I Pay for Search Visibility?

Advertising is a critical component to grow revenue for a business and that often includes the most well known search engine in the world: Google. The question is not whether you should leverage Google’s advertising network but which Google strategies will best reach your target audience. Once these strategies have been identified, business owners must test which strategies yield the best Return on Ad Spend (ROAS). 

Video, for example, is a powerful media format and YouTube ads can be very effective if the video creative is original and memorable. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) can be very effective but too often agencies are over-paying for keywords that have poor outcomes. Google Ads is not a set-it-and-forget-it platform. Successful Google Ads campaigns require human engagement, optimization, and inspection.

It is very common for our agency to reduce Google Ads spend without compromising sales outcomes. Why? Because many business owners had agency partners which take a percentage of Google budget as their fee.  This creates a conflict of interest which often leads to overspending on Google. Our agency charges a set monthly fee, regardless of spend so there is no benefit for our team to overspend on any marketing channel.

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