Legal professionals need an omni-channel approach to local marketing. Many firms rely too much on Google SEM campaigns while ignoring other channels and strategies that are limiting their growth.

Google SEM: Only One Part

Many consumers have a “go to” law firm;  an established relationship from real estate transactions, simple wills, or from forming a business. However, when a new legal problem arises, consumers often search online for specialists in divorce, personal injury, or immigration issues. 

While Google search is an important element of a successful (local) legal marketing strategy, the keyword costs are extremely high, as shown below for keywords “personal injury attorney” and “divorce lawyer.”  It can cost a law firm $183.39 each time a consumer clicks on their ad. Despite the upside of acquiring a new client with a multi-million dollar settlement, there are other methods to reach more local consumers at a lower cost. 

Navigation, Social, and Video

A comprehensive legal marketing strategy must include Google Maps and online reviews. In the example below, the search for “personal injury attorney near me” yielded three law firms bidding for that keyword, as shown in the red dashed box. But as consumers scroll the down page, to see which law firm is near their home, a different ad strategy is available.

Notice that only “Miller & Gaudio PC” knew that they could promote their Google My Business listing to the top of the map pack. (look for the word “Ad”) A trained eye will also see that some of the local law firms have placed little emphasis on their Google reviews. A law firm that has been in business for 10, 20, or even 30 years should have hundreds of reviews.

Miller and Gaudio has been in business for 36 years and only has 12 reviews.  Drazin and Warshaw, PC has been in business 70 years and has only 33 reviews.  A law firm with under 10 reviews? Yes, it is very common across the country yet few understand the negative impact it has on new business.

While law firms are investing in Google SEM, they are missing many aspects of a cost effective, local marketing strategy.  What happens to consumer click results when a law firm focuses on reviews, social media, maps, and paid marketing? They get an increase in organic and paid traffic!

Be Your Customer

Consumers spend hours each day on social media, watching YouTube videos, and sharing information on messaging apps. Is it possible that law firms have been so focused on Google SEM that they have ignored social channels.  Here is a search done on Facebook from the same computer, in the same location as the Google search above.  Notice that only Drazin and Warshaw showed up in both Google Maps and Facebook.

Sadly, when you click to these Facebook pages, these law firms have very few reviews posted in the 12 months! Law firms need a modern, omni channel local marketing strategy. Yes. They also need an agency that will maintain and merchandising these online listings. All businesses need a steady stream of reviews to establish credibility and relevance.

Let’s do another common search on Facebook for divorce attorneys.

Notice that three law firms appeared on a Facebook search results page.  All three of these firms have a high review score but only the law office of Jennifer J. McCaskill has a decent number of reviews (19) that included some posted recently.  Anna-Maria Pittella’s Facebook page has reviews that were last posted in 2013! What message does that send to local consumers who are considering Anna-Maria as their attorney?

A comprehensive local marketing strategy must include all places where consumers spend their time, and rarely have we seen a law firm that has leveraged all media channels to grow their business at an affordable cost.  If you would like to discuss how Localiente can help you, take a minute to schedule a free consultation.

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