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Social Media

Business owners need to be in front of their consumers and undoubtedly social media is a great place to advertise because of its low cost of entry.

Where Should You Start?

The term “social media” means something different to each person running a business. Some business owners think only of Facebook while others think that they need to be on all social media channels. Not all social media channels work for every business!  When business owners understand this, our team can customize a social media strategy that aligns with each company’s culture.

Video, for example, is a powerful media format for social media. It requires additional investments of time, money, and resources. If a business does not have the budget to create original video content, off the shelf solutions could work perfectly.  If video is not aligned with a marketing vision, then our team can create the artwork and graphics needed to be present and noticed in social media news streams. 

If a business owners is already working with a social media company, we can collaborate with their account management team to create a unified message across all media channels.

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