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Business owners need to implement a process to add and update content on their websites to increase organic traffic and to create a better first impression for paid advertising campaigns.

Stay Relevant and Consistent

Many business owners have a website in place but how often is the content being updated? New content, covering all current products and services, helps to increase the relevance of the website in search engines algorithms. A website that has stale content will often have low engagement which is bad for local search visibility.

Business owners do not have to go crazy building new content, but a consistent process to add new content each month helps both in organic and paid advertising strategies.

Need a new website?

No problem! We have a strategic partnership with Lead Revenue who makes awesome websites that convert! Double your conversion rates and increase sales with a stronger website platform that is optimized for engagement. 

Whether you decide to build a new website or have us refresh the content on your existing platform, you will want to make sure you have optimized it for organic traffic. Our SEO services include updating all META tags on the business website and to develop better internal and external linking strategies to build relevance.

Keep in mind that paid advertising campaigns should take consumers to a place where they can learn more about the offer, service, or promotion. By adding content to your website that matches paid advertising campaigns, conversion rates will increase. 

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